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Technical Experience + Unparalleled Personal Service = THE HARDAWAY EXPERIENCE

Can a construction company really be a service company?

We think so. That's why our approach focuses on four elements. Three of those elements - cost, quality and schedule - are hurdles you expect every contractor to clear.

It's an elusive fourth element - the experience a client has during the building project - that many contractors overlook. But at Hardaway, the client experience is our top priority. Everything we do is deliberately designed to make the construction experience a positive one for everyone involved. That's what sets us apart.

Great quality, on-time performance at a fair price with unparalleled personal service - we call it the Hardaway Experience. Because the Experience Matters.

To learn more about Hardaway's innovative approach or to schedule a consultation about your next project, contact Stan Hardaway or Bryan Hay at 615.254.5461 or email or

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HARDAWAY delivered our beautiful and efficient project, on time, on budget, to my enormous satisfaction - it's a showpiece for our university.
Dr. Robert Fisher, Belmont University
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