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Upper Cumberland Regional Health Facility

Hardaway Construction - Upper Cumberland Regional Health Facility
Hardaway Construction - Project ImageHardaway Construction - Project ImageHardaway Construction - Project ImageHardaway Construction - Project ImageHardaway Construction - Project ImageHardaway Construction - Project Image
Hardaway Construction - Project Image
Location: Cookeville, TN
Owner: State of Tennessee
Architect: Thomas, Miller & Partners, LLC / Upland Design Group, Inc., JV
Multi-Award Winning Project
LEED Platinum

This 1-story state-of-the-art facility contains a striking visual roof line above the four open offices consisting of a sweeping roof of curved standing seam metal panels.  Accenting this sweeping and curving roof is radius composite metal panels at the eaves to give the building a modern look and feel.  The front entrance gleams with a curved metal roof and a cantilevered steel structure surrounded by glass and precast columns.  Warm-colored brick and precast surround the walls below the roof, and eaves to combine traditional brick design with modern-looking glass and metal.

The interior also gleams with modern-looking stained concrete floors in the corridors and lots of open space with natural lighting.  Simple finishes of painted drywall and painted CMU walls are contained throughout.  Open ceilings are located in the open offices to help give the feel of modern design and simplicity.  Acoustical ceilings in all other areas are accented with suspended decorative tiles to provide sound absorption while at the same time providing pleasant visual lines.

Upper Cumberland Regional Health Facility achieved Platinum Level LEED™ Certification making it one of only a handful in the nation.  The many innovative LEED™ Certified systems and components are: Geothermal heating and cooling system, collection and re-use of rainwater from the roof for landscape irrigation, solar panels, highly reflective and energy-efficient roof materials, waterless urinals and low-flow toilets with flush sensors, certified Commissioning of all building systems with on-going air quality management during construction, 75% construction waste management efficiency, 20% recycled materials, 20% of all materials harvested and manufactured within 500 miles of the project site, 98% certified wood materials which promote responsible forestry practices, low VOC emitting materials throughout, natural lighting and window views for 90% of the spaces in the building, promotion of alternative transportation and fuel-efficient cars for employees.

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