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Founded on strong family and Christian principles, Hardaway has a long history of serving Religious facilities for all denominations and faiths. We understand the unique challenges ministries face...particularly during periods of expansion. From small addition and renovation project, to construction of mega-church campus environments, we have the ability to deliver. Hardaway has delivered over 80 Religious facilities helping churches flourish and grow their congregations. In addition to internal considerations such as programming and staffing, sustained growth for your church will also require a comprehensive review of your facilities and long-term ministry objectives. To ensure proper stewardship of the resources with which you are provided, it is important to understand your selection of a contractor can be as important as what you intend to build. When constructing a Religious facility, Hardaway takes care to practice the utmost respect for each faith. We will make the construction process smooth and coordinate with your building committee, architect, and congregation every step of the way, always looking out for your best interest. Whether traditional or contemporary style architecture, we have continually performed, met, and exceeded religious client’s expectations. Explore a small sampling of Hardaway’s many Religious facility projects here.

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