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Hardaway's First "Big House" Project Underway

How many times have you heard someone utter the response “This ain’t my first rodeo” when responding to a challenge?  From over 17,000 units of multifamily construction, The Villas on Wallace Road in Knoxville, TN ain’t our first rodeo, but it is still a first. This is Hardaway’s first Big House® design apartment project to build so we wanted to share a few things about it in case this is a first for you too.

The Villas on Wallace Road is a 76-unit apartment development and three of the apartment buildings are the Big House® design, each containing 10 units on two stories.  The Big House® is a design concept created by Humphreys & Partners Architects which closely resembles a large single-family home, breaking away from the more institutional looking three-story apartment building.  A few highlights that may interest you:

  • Design includes a neighborhood feel that blends well within high-end communities
  • 100% efficient, rentable area - no breezeways or open corridors
  • Enclosed private stairs for all upper unitsIntegrates private parking garages into the buildings
  • Garages provide direct access to units and additional storage
  • Garages configured to limit door visibility on each side of structure resembling more like big houses

This project is being co-developed by Crescent Bend Development and Cumberland Advisors and is Hardaway’s third project for this ownership group. 












The Villas on Wallace Road


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