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Technical Experience + Unparalled Personal Service = THE HARDAWAY EXPERIENCE


What you need—when you need it

Hardaway is known as a company that can complete even the most complex building projects on-time, within budget, while meeting the most rigorous quality standards. It’s our reliability and consistency that keeps clients coming back again and again.

How do we keep things moving?

Experienced Project Managers: Hardaway project managers are skilled at anticipating complexities in a schedule and dealing with issues before they become problems. Like skilled chess players, they are thinking several moves ahead to minimize delays.

Team Approach: Hardaway operates in individual construction groups, working in small teams to lend support to each other. Each team includes a group of project managers and a project executive. This structure, which puts seasoned veterans on every project, results in better management and sound advice.

Subcontractor Relationships: Hardaway’s loyal corps of craftsmen, suppliers, and vendors go the extra mile to keep a project on schedule, knowing that Hardaway’s grasp of schedule management allows them to be profitable on their projects.

Experience the Hardaway approach to scheduling on your next project. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call Stan Hardaway or Bryan Hay at 615.254.5461 or email or

HARDAWAY was the perfect partner... price was honest and accurate... we have chosen HARDAWAY to build our second building.
J.D. Elliott, The Memorial Foundation
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